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Po ostatnim komunikacie mozna bylo wyjac 100%. Dzis znow promocja. Ja kupuje

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Co sadzicie o spolce? Podobny komunikat byl na datawalk i tez pozytywna reakcja kursu.

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Hi Anna, I have invested a little bit of my mazel tov money in airway, but the latest information from the company worried me a bit. How should I read the latest announcement regarding the sale of shares by yourself. Should i be worry???? There is no more faith in the Cuffix?Thx in advance. And she saying

Good morning,

thank you for your email. My faith in the product is unchanged and the Company (and development of all products including Cuffix) is doing well, as is stated in last financial statement published a few weeks ago and the latest public announcement about FDA approval. Below I am also sending you a PR announcement published by Biovo Technologies.

The sale of shares is dictated by financial needs (also related to Adiuvo) and is not related to the situation in AirwayMedix.

Kind regards, Anna

Dear Partners,

We are delighted to announce that we received the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for Cuffix - the first disposable continuous cuff-pressure regulator. With a built-in precision pressure gauge, Cuffix automatically adjusts cuff balloon pressure to keep it stable at the desired safe range.

The FDA approval was an important milestone, and we will shortly start field tests of Cuffix in the US, to be followed by nationwide sales. Both Cuffix and Oral Care are already being sold in large parts of the world.

In addition, take a look at our brand new website which includes detailed product related information, videos of Cuffix and Oral Care as well as Instructions for Use in several languages.

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Ja mam urlop, nie obserwuje giełdy.

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odpowiedź na #3 @niko_kipas :

Pisze dla tych co uropu nie maja. ;)

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odpowiedź na #4 @adeodatus :

Jak natym wyszedłeś? dobrze że nie wchodziłem bo mocno spadło od tamtego czasu ;/

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odpowiedź na #5 @jazgot :

-30% tnalem straty Teraz chyba adkupie nizej

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A dziś akurat kilkanaście % do góry.

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